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Monday, November 29, 2010

Did I mention...

That I would also be using this blog for a little bit of brainstorming? So here it goes!

1) I have the outline all mapped out fully. With around 80 cards, I'm right on count for about a 40 chapter book.
2) I have no fears that this book will get written.
3) I do, however, fear for the quality of writing contained in this book. And this blog, for that matter
4) I think fear of this is holding me back from some real writing
5) Is anyone even reading this? lol
6) I'm afraid that 2-3 captures and dramatic rescues might be too much for one book. Boo!!!
7) I need to get a firmer grasp on my two main people groups, the Pixies and the Cahal.
8) I think a Lord of the Rings Marathon might help with the whole writing process... that theory remains to be untested... lol. And on that note, if you want to get me anything for xmas - get this. And you think I'm joking don't you. No, I'm so serious.
9) I need to finish my James Patterson book before it's due at the library.
10) And it's off to work I go!

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