With this blog I hope to inspire people to live out their full authentic selves, no matter what other people might tell them is or is not appropriate. Follow me for noveling helps and articles about how to live your life freely and openly.

My Favorite Things

Top 10 To Do:
1. Write
2. Read
3. Run
4. Drink Coffee
5. "Dance" (though what I do I doubt anyone else would call dancing!)
6. Talk to friends
7. Soak up some sun
8. Listen to music
9. Plan out my life
10. Chew Gum

Top 10 Artists:
1. Lady GaGa
2. P!nk
3. Daughtry
4. Newsboys
5. TobyMac
6. Josh Groban
7. Superchic[k]
8. Amy Lee
9. Anberlin
10. Coldplay

Top 10 Songs (as of 7/7/11):
1) Raise Your Glass (P!nk)
2) Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
3) Judas (Lady GaGa)
4) Live to Party (Jonas Brothers)
5) Not Afraid (Eminem)
6) On the Floor (Jennifer Lopez)
7) Never Say Never (Justin Bieber)
8) Whyyawannabringmedown (Kelly Clarkson)
9) Marry the Night (Lady GaGa)
10) Whenever, Where ever (Shakira)