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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog post #50

This post should be something special right?
I don't have anything special.

I do, however, have a plan... or rather a crazy idea.

See here's the thing.
I have troubles keeping commitments that I make to myse
For example, my hair. I love the "idea" of longish hair. ike this:

Yes, that's ME. My hair used to be that long and that awesome. I didn't have money to get it re-dyed though, and ended up chopping it all off... in a moment of weakness. I don't see the big picture, I see the little picture.
Like my hair. I saw that I didn't have money to dye it, but I did have money to chop it. So chopping it it was. (Can you tell yet that I use my blog to talk things out?)

Basically I need to set a limit. A month of thinking before I make any major decisions. I have so much that I want to do in life that the little satisfactions get in the way. Like ice cream instead of a run. Like... chopping my hair instead of letting it grow.

Things I will let wait 1 month before I act on them:
1) Cutting my hair. (Or dying it)
2) My diet (ending one, not starting one)
3) My half marathon training/race training

One month. That's all I need. I know I need a change. I just feel suck. I don't know how to stick with one.
Let's look back - here's a picture of my face when I was about 18:

My amazing friend Kelley is on the left

A more recent picture of me:

I don't even look like the same person anymore.
Just looking at these pictures makes me sad.
But I had to post these pictures. I had to look at them, side by side. To see the change... it's hard for me, because I'll be honest, my self-confidence is pretty high. I don't see myself as overweight, per say.
But looking at those pictures reminds me that I am.
So I guess I am making an announcement.
I'm gonna take those two pictures above and have them developed within two weeks. I'm going to post them in three places - on the fridge, above my desk, and on my bathroom mirror. Along with those I'm going to post my goals for August (being as I won't have money to get the pics developed until August). I'll be developing my goals for August - but in the meantime here are my two-week goals - lasting until the end of July -
1) Run 4x this week

1) No soda or chocolate milk, just plan old h2o and Crystal Light. Oh, and coffee with cream. Because this gal can't live without her coffee!!!
2) No greasy breakfast at work.

Does anyone have any "rewards" ideas that they've used to motivate themselves towards losing weight?!? I'm kinda stuck on that... I'll do some google searching and post my reward ideas later. PLEASE chime in though with anything you've got.

L Finch


Jess said...

Awesome goals! You could have fun by making a chart and pasting it to your fridge--two pounds gets you manicure, five pounds gets you earrings, ten pounds gets you a new shirt/necklace/shoes/really fancy shampoo/conditioner, etc. My friend did something that worked for her-- every time she felt like ordering a pizza or buying ice cream or something, she put the dollar amount on the fridge and used that money for a new book or magazine.

And by the way, it's always nice to get in shape, but just so you know, I think you look very pretty in both pictures :)

Vicky Bruere said...

Hi Liz, it's been a while but I've finally got round to checking in! Jess' reward ideas sound great...and I agree - you look beautiful in both pictures. Hope you and your hubby had a lovely anniversary :)

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