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Friday, July 8, 2011

Novel = Crap

I feel so free today, this song really spoke to me. :) Yay!

So on another note, I think my novel is crap. Must re-write. Starting from the beginning. I'm going to do some more outlining today, work on outlining the characters, make them come alive, making a timeline. Maybe I'll do that at the library. Maybe not. I'll probably spend some time working on it at the Manhattan Public Library tomorrow after work (Off @3, or sooner).

One last thing and THEN I'll shut up. Check out the Life List Club tab above. That is all.

L Finch


Vicky Bruere said...

Ooh I love your LifeList. I'm a planner too, although I think sometimes I'm a bit too ambitious when it comes to what I can fit into 24 hours. Last year I started following a 'read the bible in a year'...it's been a year now but I can't say I got very far.

I need to do some serious plot outlining too, but that'll have to wait until I'm better. And hopefully I can get back on track for Camp NaNoWriMo before half way through the month!

Amazing to find someone I have so much in common with :) Good luck with your goals!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Love One Republic. Too bad your Followers is working for me. *sigh*

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