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Saturday, July 9, 2011

When did you realize you're an adult?

I guess I realized I was an adult just a couple of days ago. I was driving home from work and I realized... wow... I'm 22, almost 23. I have the power to make my own choices chose my own path.

I think growing up has been a process for me because I've always relied heavily on what other people think of me and what other people want me to do. I'm easily manipulated to do whatever other people want me to do.

When I went though a supposedly "life changing" training camp, they called me a manipulater. I know now that they had it all wrong. I'm not the manipulater, I'm the one who allows others to manipulate me.

Well, guess what. My days of being childish and being manipulated are over! I'm an adult now, so you'd better watch out! I'm going out there to change the world!

L. Finch


Jess said...

Go Liz!

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