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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Lord,

Dear Lord,
It all seems so hopeless now, tonight. Thinking of the 0ne-in-a-million chance that I will EVER be published. Yet still, I press on.
Is it for the love of the written word? Is it for the thought that maybe one day I might change a life?
No, it's beacuse I have a gift, a gift from You. A rough gift, though, it may be, it is still a gift. And the soul-purpose of a gift is to be used for Your glory. I understand that, now. If one day I change a life, it will not be "me" that changes the life, but rather You. If one day I become published, it will not be "me" who becomes published, but rather You. All glory, all honor, must be given to You. Without You, I am truly nothing.

The sooner I grasp onto this truth, the better off I will be. The sooner we are writers grasp onto this truth, the better off we will be.
It is not others we write for, it is not ourselves we write for, but rather the One Higher Power. The One Above All.

Remember to focus on Him whom we should give all honor and glory to this holiday season.

L Finch


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