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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Beginning - Pilot

Ever wondered if you had it in you to write a novel? Maybe you had this great idea rolling around in your head and all it needed was a little push to get out? Well, I'm here to help give you that push!
Like you, I dream of the day when I can call up my best friend and say, "my novel hit shelves today!". Like you, I'm sometimes clueless on where to begin. The worst part of it is that I spend time pouring over books and internet links, time that could be spent writing. Well I'm here for you, friend! Let me do the pouring over the books and internet sites while you do the writing. All the information you need to write the next best-selling novel will be right here, on my blog. Will it be easy? No. No. No... it will not. But will it be rewarding, and doable? Yes, yes, and yes!

One more warning before we go on - this will not be one of those "Write a novel in 30 days" crash courses. While that can be useful for gaining momentum in your writing life, I've found that the outcome is mostly trash, and that it takes a lot of work to revise. Why not write something that is nearly prefect the first time, rather then doing lots of reversion at the end? (Note: You will have to revise no matter what. Again. and again. and again. Don't get me wrong on this one!)

Before we get to the writing part though, there are a few steps that we need to go over. First -
1) Develop a writing space
A writing space can be anything from your kitchen table to your car. I've written some of my best work in the car waiting for hubby to get off work. I am blessed enough to have an office that I can use for writing space - but I'm fully aware that other people might not be so lucky, so here's what you do. First, raid your house for any and all writing supplies. This applies even if you will be using a computer for most of your work. Things to pick up: post-it notes, markers, pencils, pens, index cards, ect. Then collect things that help you write. Music, candles (hey, I like fire. Don't go judging!), coffee, you get the idea! Do you have a desk you can use? I find that personally it's best to separate work from play so my office is totally devoted to my running and writing pursuits. If you want a desk and don't have one, then it's time to get creative.
        Desk Issues
        If you don't have a desk, but want/need one, first check out Walmart and see if there's anything there that suits your fancy. I got my desk for $50 and it's held up a year. With that being said, it's gonna self-destruct any day now (it's actually held together by duct tape), but it's done it's job for a year. Next I want this desk: (at over 3,000 dollars it's like yeah right! in my dreams! But hey... a girl can dream right???) I'm
sure that I can find a cheaper model somewhere... anyhow, back to YOU the writer. If you don't have a desk I'd recommend finding a bin or box to hold all your writing supplies. A backpack works well too, that way you can carry it with you where ever you go. Even if you do have a desk, I'd separate some of your supplies out into a ziploc bag (or a fancier bag if you have it) to keep in your purse or car. You never know when inspiration can hit, so it's best to always be prepared. If you don't have a desk, want one, but can't afford one, get creative. Maybe there's an unused desk at your parent's house, or you can even go to your local library to use their desks. A cheep lap desk might also be an option for you.

Highlighters. Gotta have them. If you don't have them, take a trip to your local office supply store. Bring paper and a pen. While you wander, find items that suit you as a writer. You might not have the money to buy everything you see today - I know I didn't! - so make note of the smaller things you "want" and the larger things you "need" - a white board, a chock board, etc. The idea here is that you are stocked with items that scream "you". While not always possible, it is very helpful to have items around you that bleed creativity. For example, my desk is covered with candles, all things pink, notepads, a mirror, CDs, play dough, my squishy, etc. I'll post a picture of my desk at the end of this post. One last thing - don't forget some sort of a notebook with pockets. You'll be using it!

A writing schedule is a must have. Not only will it keep you on track, you also get to look back and see the progress that you've done! Now, I understand that some of us are most alert in the morning and some of us are most alert in the evenings. All I'm asking you to do is take a good hard look at how you're spending your time and where you could possibly change your habits to fit in more time to write. Oh, before you get all up in arms about having to miss Grey's Anatomy, remember that it is online and you can catch it there after your writing is over. It's best to have a set time every day to write so that your brain kinda locks into thinking, "okay, now it's for real, I have to write now!" I've read that it's best to write every day so that your brain locks into that, but personally I write 5 or 6 days out of the week. Just depends what we have going on.

Okay, so you've gathered all your material together, set a place for writing, set a time for writing every day. What's next? Well, they say that 1/3 of writing is preparation, 1/3 is writing, and 1/3 is redrafting.

So the first step:
Write a one sentence description of your novel. Here's mine: A cutter is given guardianship of a dying kingdom. Write yours and post it below! I'd love to read them.

Happy writing!

L. Elindel


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