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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Youth of the Nation

It shocks me how cries for help from our youth often go unheard. We let them struggle in silence - until that silence isn't enough. Runaway teens, cutters, burning, suicides, attacks at school, bullying... the list goes on and on. From the time they are in their mother's womb they are attacked with the threat of death. It doesn't let up even then. And what are we doing to change that?
I wear a red bracelet that says "life" on it to remind me to pray for the unborn - but it also reminds me of the unheard youth of the nation an their struggle for life. It reminds me to write - write - write. The faster I pound the keys the faster I can leave my mark on their voiceless struggles. I've been voiceless before, I've been a teenager. The diffrence between me and them is that I've found my voice, and they are still silent.

I "see" them in my mind, duct tape over their mouths, tied down, trapped. Endure the trapped feeling long enough and the only way "out" is with a gun, a knife, a razor blade.

But that's not the end. And that's the part that I need to show them, that's the part that they cannot see - life gets better. This is not the end. Life is not as bad as it seems. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep pushing through.
When the cutters came to Jesus (yes, there are cutters in the Bible! See Mark) he loved them and did not turn them away. They were isolated in the tombs, and the people were scared to go past them. Sounds like a lot of today's youth -
1. isolated
2. harming their bodies (through drugs, addictions, etc)
3.wanting a way "out"

Christ showed them the only true way out.
However, I believe that there is still hope for you, even if you don't believe in Christ.

Will you help our youth?


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