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Sunday, May 22, 2011

And So It Begins

Outlining Map, Story-Cards

And so it begins. I have an outline plotted out, a flash drive so that I can switch between computers, a Springpad account to save the drafts to, a scheduler with my next week of writing and reading mapped out, etc etc.

This book is the hardest thing I've ever written. I consider my first two works stepping stones to this. And this book will be a stepping stone to...? God only knows.
Why is it the hardest book that I've ever written? Because it deals with cutting, and it was only a few years ago that I fought that demon, and won. It at least is my hope that maybe that gives me perspective on the subject, so that I can relate to readers in a fuller sense.

My plan of attack for the novel is simple - take it day by day, week by week. I don't do well with long-term planning, I need the reassurance that when I do fall off the track, nothing is lost, that I can get right back on the horse and keep going.

I'll keep you all updated.
L Finch


Jess said...

You look well-prepared for success!

Best of luck :)

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