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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fitting In?

Coming down here to Atlanta has been an experience. We're "living" in the corporate part of town - so everywhere you go and everywhere you look you see people in suit and tie, hurrying about their work. I'll be honest, it's hard for me not to "conform" to looking like them. I'm a jeans and hoddie kinda girl... but I can dress up, if I choose. Lately I've been putting on a little extra makeup, wearing my heels, and making sure that I look extra special just to "fit in". As I got dressed this morning though, I decided to change all that. Being "fake" in order to "fit in" was only hurting me and confusing my poor little brain. The more I mulled this thought over in my head, the more I realized that it applies to my writing as well as my dress.

Think of it this way -

The more we focus on what that publisher will say about our work (or, shall I say, fitting in with the publishing industry), the less we focus on the one thing that will really sell our work - us and our individuality. Publishers won't buy your work if you are "just like" another author, they will buy your work if you bring new ideas to the table, and are, in fact, different, and not trying to fit in. Now, don't get me wrong, we can always learn how to write better from other authors, but we should not be trying to copy them or conform to them.

I've spent countless hours trying to "fit in" with society. Today, I say enough. I will be myself in my dress, my behavior, but most importantly my writing.

L Finch


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